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Triple 0 Concern

July 25, 2014
A local tourist operator wants a review into the ambulance system for bush areas. Trevor Hancock from Murray Trek Tours says he rang triple 0 during an emergency in the Mungo National Park earlier…

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  • pizzaman 0e457

    Meet the man who lived on pizza for 25 years

    It's the dream of every 10-year-old in the world, but what's it really like the live on pizza? Well, plug in your head phones and hide from the boss because this is a long one. This 15 minute mini-documentary tells the story of a man who did just that, eating…
  • scareyride c2f18

    Would you be brave enough for this ride?

    A 100 foot drop at about 90 kilometres per hour, and this could just be one of the scariest amusement rides out there. Well, technically it's not a ride. Technically it's jaw-clenching free fall into a net from a great height. It's called the Sky Tower and…
  • anja 8571d

    Rigged! Is The Voice legit?

    After last night's grand final of The Voice, doubts have been raised as to whether winner Anja Nissen in fact gained the most votes, or if she was simply given the honour for being seen as the artist with the most chance of success following the show. Votes…

Community Events

  • 2014 Australian Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships

    2014 Australian Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships Date 2014-07-26 Location: Irymple Leisure Centre Start Time: 9am End Time: 4.30pm Additional Details: 20 of Australia's strongest athletes competing wIth bodyweight groups from 47kg women to…
  • Photo Contest

    Entries for the Western Local Land Services photo contest close on July 31. The theme is “My Place”… residents of Western NSW can enter and there are categories for school children and adults in black & white and colour photos. You can download an entry form…
  • John Mellor Seminars

    Pentacostal Ministers Fellowship presents a seminar called "Miracle Healing" with John Mellor this weekend at Diggerland Red Cliffs (corner of Ilex St. and Indi Ave.) Meeting times: Friday 7:00pm Saturday 4:00pm Sunday 6:00pm Everyone is welcome. For more…

From The Team

  • Stress Down!

    It's National Stress Down Day! Stress Down Day is a fun and easy initiative to reduce stress and raise awareness for Lifeline. This year's focus is on laughter.... which has a large impact on reducing stress! We hope this video helps you laugh a bit today :)
  • Remember Me?

    Random Science time… do you forget someone’s name right after meeting them? Or you see someone you know… but can’t recall their name or where you know them from? How does your memory work… and how can you avoid forgetting things? This video might help…
  • Moon Anniversary

    July 21: Today marks the 45th anniversary of one of the biggest events in history… Australia played a vital role in letting the world know about it… through the town of Parkes in Central West NSW… It was 6:17am on July 21 1969 (AEST) that man first landed on…

As Heard On Easymix 1467

  • Mayor Talk 23rd July

    Mildura Mayor Glenn Milne called in for his weekly segment with Daniel on The Wind Down. Topics covered this week include the upcoming council meeting, upcoming grants, roadworks and tenders for council used vehicles.
  • Peter Crisp Chat 22nd July

    It's been a couple of weeks so Daniel spoke with Member for Mildura Peter Crisp on The Wind Down. Topics covered included a visit to a playcentre, the latest with the ambulance dispute among other topics.
  • Annoying Sales People

    Sick of salespeople knocking on your door or calling you? There are ways to protect yourself from unsolicited consumer agreements... and if you choose to sign one... there are important rules too... What are Unsolicited Consumer Agreements? Unsolicited…

Music and Memories

  • Je T'Aime?

    A British born Aussie actress has her birthday today… she starred in Sons and Daughters and the risqué soapie “Number 96”… and she had a hit single… Remember this song? Abigail (Abigail Rogan) born in London, England on 23rd July 1946 (68). She became well…
  • Heart of the Matter

    US artist Don Henley was born in Gilmer, Texas on 22nd July 1947 (67). He is a drummer/vocalist with the Eagles. The group will perform their “History Of the Eagles” concert in Australia in February/March 2015. Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B…
  • Rockford Files

    He spent his 60 year career playing ruggedly charming, good-natured “anti-heroes” and won fans all over the world… Actor James Garner passed away over the weekend… from natural causes… he was 86. He entered show business in the 1950s after serving in the…


  • Secret Sound!

    Have you heard it somewhere? The jackpot is now over $500... and it's got Sunraysia talking... and thinking. Is it an animal sound? Some people think so... we've had everything from lions to koalas as the answer! What do you think?
  • cele

    The Celebration Book

    Every morning at 7:45, we open the Celebration Book to let Sunraysia know who has a birthday, anniversary or other special event in their life! Everyone who shares a celebration goes in the weekly draw for a delicious, freshly made cake from the Deakin…
  • Daily Double

    Weekdays after the 4pm news we play two of your favourite artist back-to-back! It's the Daily Double! Request yours now!


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